God Can!

Posted by Shaleah Tersilas on

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, God can and will protect and provide for His children. CoVid-19 has taken the world by storm. So many people are hurting, lost, afraid, and don't know who to turn to. In this holiday season in particular where many are not able to give like usual or are not even in the mood to celebrate, remember that God can. He can heal, He can deliver, He can give hope, He can provide, and He can restore. Don't allow your limited perceptions of your current situation make you doubt God and forget what he's already done for you. I am living proof that in the midst of a global pandemic God will open the doors and windows of Heaven just to remind you that He can and He WILL! Walk by faith and not by sight and remember God always makes good on His promises.


Love you a lotta bunch,

Shaleah Corvette


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