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            Don’t let snakeish people make you act like a snake if you’re not one! It’s so hard to not let people and circumstances change who you are and change how you deal with them. Turning the other cheek feels real redundant and real hard some days. People just say,do, and treat you however they want because you’re the nice one,the saved one, the quiet one, the sweet one, the forgiving one. Some days though it gets REAL OLD REAL QUICK. In those moments I really have to SIT, LAY and stay at the feet of Jesus. It’s difficult to always be Christ-like to devil-like folks. It’s hard to be slow to speak and slow to anger when ALL that some people do is “talk and be messy”. It’s hard to want save the life of a poisonous “snakeish” person when they’ve tried to kill you over and over again with their(bite) mouth or with their actions. Remember that being true to the God that you serve and true to who He made you to be NO MATTER what “snakeish”people do is key. Your character is “your” character no matter what happens to you or around you. That part of you should remain intact.

               Dear God, Thank you for getting my neck when necessary. It’s so hard to turn the other cheek somedays. It’s hard to not treat people the way they treat me especially when it is their “character” to be nasty. God help me to remember that I represent you, and that I am to love like you love with no conditions. Help me to pray instead of retaliation, help me to hush instead of responding with a slick tongue, help me to not treat others the way they may treat me but to treat them first how You would treat them and secondly how I would want to be treated. Help me not to alter my heart and the best parts of me just because “some” don’t appreciate it. Help me to always be discerning with how much of myself to give to people. Help me, my mouth, my heart, and my actions to always be pleasing in your sight. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen!

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