Let's Detox

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                   Detoxing is not only for the physical body. Think of the things that ail you spiritually,mentally, and emotionally. Similarly, you must detox those areas in life too. Spiritually -remove all things that weigh you down and interfere with your relationship with God. Mentally-declutter your brain and be transformed by the renewing of your mind by thinking on whatsoever things are lovely,just,pure, and sit on the couch of a therapist if need be “IT IS OKAY”. Emotionally-rid your heart and soul of past baggage, only allow positive emotional connections in your current life, and protect your future emotional space by allowing God to be the head and controller of all of your emotions and by really being vigilant about the people and relationships that you allow into your space. Detoxing “the whole person” will help us all to be WHOLE people who live abundant lives “full” of all the goodness God has to offer.

            Dear God, empty me of anything not like you. Help me to consciously make choices that are pushing me toward being the whole person that “God” has designed me to be. Help me to walk in the liberty and freedom of the life that God desires for me. Help me to be aware of all the things and people I allow in my space. Help me to shun the very presence of evil in what ever way it may try to manifest. Help me to pray without ceasing and seek God consistently. Help me to do whatever it takes to be ALL that God has called me to be. Help me to rid my entire self of anything not pushing me into my God given purpose. In Jesus name I pray Amen. On this Sunday, I ask that you will call my name in prayer as I take sometime for God & I and “detox” a little in all of the ways. Sometimes we just need to unplug everything including social media and quiet things down a bit to hear clearly ”what’s next”. I really love y’all and look forward to posting in the near future! Happy Sunday!

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