Stop Surviving

Posted by Shaleah Tersilas on

             Going from survival to thriving is a journey with lots of winding roads. When you’ve lived in a place of survival for so long it becomes your new normal. Living in this space for longer than necessary puts you in a perpetual cycle of hurt,disappointment, and feeling STUCK! At what point do you change gears, start the process of healing and get out of survival mode? Survival mode is only intended for a CRUCIAL specific period of time. It’s NOT meant for long time periods. Making it through that specific period ALIVE is a short term goal. Once you realize you’re breathing above water and on your own don’t stay floating in that same space. SWIM to wherever your next place is and keep swimming and swimming. People will always be people and some desire to control and manipulate as many others as they can. In their heads it’s okay if you survive but thriving may mean that you surpass them in life. It’s okay if you’re great you just can’t be greater than they are. You get it? Don’t just survive, LIVE! Live and function with God who desires for us to have an ABUNDANT and THRIVING life! LIVE OUT LOUD! LIVE BOLDLY! TAKE RISKS! LIVE FOR YOU!

             Dear God, help me to live my best life according to your will and purpose. Remove EVERY person,place, or thing that could hinder me living my fullest life. Help me to always seek to please you alone. Help me to live in a place of thriving and not always surviving. Help me to always have more than enough so that I can continue to be a blessing to those who don’t have/ Help me to never take for granted the joy that I currently have in my heart and soul. In Jesus’ name I pray AMEN.

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