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             How about you just PRT? Pray.Release. and Trust God no matter the outcome. Sometimes life comes in like a tsunami,hurricane, flood, and a nor’easter ALL at once. It will straight punch you in the face and knock you down with all its might. In my humanness, I always want to “fix” things or “see what I can do”. Girl bye/boy bye...what I “can do” is make a BIG MESS! SMH, I mean you’d think I’d know that God is consistent and faithful but it’s like I can’t keep my hands out the pot sometimes. I literally find myself in a cycle of PR or PT but the syncing of all three is a task some days. Praying is literally in my DNA; it's what I do no matter what. Prayer is my place of safety, prayer is what keeps me OFF the life ledge, prayer is what keeps my mind, prayer is like having a living diary with God. Communication with God is key. Release it,let it GO! What good is praying and asking God to do something and still carrying/worrying about it or trying to fix it? That’s a little cray cray right? It’s not always easy to just let it go but we have to.,my,my if there is a place that we all have struggled at one point or another it’s trusting the outcome of our prayers. I mean praying and trusting God is not always easy peasey. Pray and trust the outcome whether it’s desirable or undesirable is definitely the “struggle bus” area for me. For example: Dear God, give me a “new job” making more money and I of course expect a fortune 500 company to hire me but instead I get a raise and a new position at my “current company”when I definitely wanted to leave because I “strongly dislike” it. Then later on down the line God gives me favor with the owner and BOOM the owner passes away and leaves the business to me because she has no children. That is just like GOD. It’s not always easy to PRT but that route has NEVER failed me. I won’t say that it HAS not disappointed me, or that it always worked out the way that I prayed and expected. I will say that in the end the divine outcome is always worth every “undesirable” thing along the way.

              Dear God, help me to PRT across the board even with things that feel and seem impossible. Help me to remember that although my situations change that you are the same yesterday,today, and forever more. Lord help me to trust you with all my heart and lean not unto my own understanding, help me to pray without ceasing and accept the answers that you give to my requests even when I don’t understand them. Help me to always remember to seek your face and not your hands and that you will grant me the desires of my heart as long as I delight myself in you. Lord remind me when the road is not easy that you are the one who decides every outcome in my life and how & when it will manifest. I’m so grateful for all that you are and all that I am NOT. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen.

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